Our Story & Values

We value
good friends
and great adventure.

For us, a car is an objet d’art.

A car is not a tool. It is not just a vehicle to get you from here to there. It is more than that. Its details can stir emotions. Take one look at a supercar, and in an instant, you are transported. You become the open road. You feel the vibrations of the motor and see the landscape whipping by. You hear the hum of the engine or maybe the sound of cheering crowds as you cross the finish line at bloodcurdling speed. Adrenaline surges as you focus on controlling this beast of a car. Because the supercar is not just a car. It is an extension of our most powerful, most adventurous and most possible self.

People that feel their blood pumping when they see a supercar, whose minds go on a journey are exactly who DriversHall is meant for. We want collectors that aren’t status seekers, but adventure seekers. True drivers that want hall-of-fame worthy-moments and want to share those moments and their passion for cars with others just like them.

We want collectors that aren’t status seekers, but adventure seekers.

Meet our founder and CEO

Michael Murawsky was born with petrol in his veins. His love for cars and racing is infectious and only matched by his ability to connect with people and turn strangers into friends. Turning his biggest passions, skills, and knowledge into his profession, he founded DriversHall in 2018. DriversHall is the first European supercar aficionados brand that offers a showroom, storage and exclusive club membership to those that want to connect via their passion.

People that feel their blood pumping when they see a supercar…is exactly who DriversHall is meant for.




Fan is an understatement. Your car is your passion. Your obsession. And it‘s ours, too. Our unbridled enthusiasm for the beauty of car design, the humming of the engine, and the kick of speed is contagious. And drives us to deliver the ultimate supercar experience.


Lust for life

You don’t own a car that can go to 350 km an hour without a need for adventure. We thrive on delivering unique experiences that push limits, push your adrenaline and push beyond your daily routine so you can live your supercar passion and life to the fullest.



We eat, sleep and drive cars. We are a true community of adventurous and respectful people who are connected by our passion for supercars. We support each other’s dreams and together are creating the best possible experiences and perks for our tribe.



We are dedicated to the highest standards of care for your car and for you. That’s why we offer the little things like: battery tending, startings, maintenance, and detailing. And the big things: like amazing adventures and the ultimate showroom. We’ll make sure you get treated like the rockstar you are.

DriversHall Supercars Background
DriversHall Supercars Background

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