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More than storage. Because it’s more than just a car.

We are DRIVERSHALL - an ultimate supercar storage facility in the city of Berlin, a reference for the others, the only address for supercars aficionados! We were born out of pure passion for the art of cars. The passion gets us on our feet every morning. A never ending desire to submerge ourselves in the world of unique design and mind-blowing performance.

DRIVERSHALL is not only meant to deliver premium storage and service facility. No, we aim way far beyond. We want to create a lifestyle pinpoint on the automotive map of Berlin where your supercars will acquire so much deserved care and attention as well as the possibility to marvel other supercar owners. A place where your unique collection is professionally managed and serviced, a place where you surround yourself with enthusiasts just like you, a place where you crave to be. An exquisite, state-of-the-art facility offering a 24/7 security, climate controlled and dehumidified environment and a dazzling garage.

Only maintaining your machine in an immaculate shape is accepted at DRIVERSHALL, both - the looks as well as the technical condition - are equally cherished and taken care of by a staff of dedicated professionals. That includes exterior and interior detailing, ceramic coating, leather cleaning, battery trickle charging and routine mechanical services – just to name a few things out of our unrivaled collection management service.

Once your vehicle is in top-shape and road-ready DRIVERSHALL may deliver your car at the desired location as well as collect it afterwards and store it at our premises. Now you can get the most out of your spare time and hitting the speeds beyond the capabilities of other road users or simply enjoying your favorite country road.

Are you interested? We are accepting car storage reservations from now on.


  • Opening:

    Q4 of 2021

  • Location:

    Berlin Spandau
    Motorworld complex

  • Capacity:

    Up to 200 cars including
    private storage garages

  • Net price (car/month):

    Starting from 250 EUR

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