Members' Club

Welcome to a
world of kicks,
and speed.

Interested in being a member? Well, that’s a start. But this isn’t that kind of club. Check out the rules below. We hope you’re up for the challenge.

Hello, supercar aficionado (/əˌfɪʃ.i.əˈnɑː.doʊ/)

You are not just a fan, you are a supercar enthusiast. We know it’s not status you’re after. It’s passion, adventure and you’re ready to take your supercar experience to the ultimate level. That’s why you’ve come to us. Because you belong here.

Now prove it.

Where we go, we need to know you can follow. That’s why DRIVERSHALL members club requires you to prove your skills and qualify on a track. Biannual track days and qualifying opportunities are available for membership after passing the club application. Not sure if you measure up? We offer training that can help whip you into your best driving shape.

  • Events
  • Track Days
  • Masterclasses
  • Trainings

Privilege has its advantage

Our membership isn’t for everyone. We’re cool with that. That’s why we offer exclusive opportunities like private events and tracks days so you can show off your skills and smooze with the best. This is supercar heaven. How do we know? Because we’ve got masterclasses that bring together learning with lavishness. Personal training so you can push your limits. Awesome services like scouting finds. And of course, there’s loads of perks, parties, and previews.


Let’s see if you're our type of aficionado!

  1. 1
    First, to fill out your membership application you need:

    - a referral from a founding member
    - a collection overview of your cars

  2. 2
    If you pass this step, you will be registered for qualifying on the track.

    Show us your moves and you're in.

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